Pioneer of Bubble Tea

Most people know green tea is good for you — it can make and keep you healthy. And, its flavours can be heavenly.

Tea Shop 168 now has two new such flavours — Aloe Vera Green Tea and Honey Green Tea — in bottles, to keep their flavour and good health ready to drink.

  • Aloe Vera Green Tea is the first bottled green tea to offer the good health of more natural aloe vera than any similar beverage, together with the heavenly taste of green tea.
  • Honey Green Tea marries the celestial taste and healthy effects of natural honey to those of green tea.

It’s no wonder that green tea is, after pure water itself, the most consumed beverage on earth.

When demand for our two newest green teas — Aloe Vera Green Tea and Honey Green Tea — proves to be even higher than for the products we’ve been supplying them for a dozen years now. Our customers share in our business success because we keep their customers foremost in mind when we develop new green teas. Who are these customers? Anyone, really, who wants to enjoy the benefits of a long-proven healthy beverage, and who want to be healthy, and in the company of other lively healthy people, celebrities or not.

Of course this profile will expand as the health drawbacks of sugar-rich, carbonated beverages become better known to older consumers. Our profile? We’re a 12-year-old Canadian company who are glad to have grown as rapidly as our customer numbers above indicate.

Because it’s good for you.